About Going In

“GoingIn” (GI) is an outlet for the people in the world to let their voices be heard, express their opinion, and let their stories be told. How can we solve a problem when the voices of the people that are living everyday struggles can’t be heard. “GoingIn” will address Life Struggles, The Justice System, Racism, Government, Economy, Poverty, Sexual Relations and Society. We provide what other media venues will not; the truth, pain and suffering from the people that feel they has no voice. The everyday people must realize their opinions and voice can make a difference.

“Wisdom Is Power”

Our Goal

More voices of the everyday people to be heard.

Our Strategy

“GoingIn” will provide an online controversial talk show that will interview individuals. We allow the people to upload a one minute video of themselves “GoingIn” about a topic of their choice to be discussed by the American people. We will address and discuss current events. I guarantee “GoingIn” will become realest online show ever with your support and voices…

“You’ll Never Know Who’s Going In or Who We’re Going In On”


Respect Everyone’s Point Of View/Comments